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Ken's Harley Site
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Welcome to Ken's Harley-Davidson Site!

1973 Martha's Vinyard
# 2 1965 FLH

This site is ment to show the Harleys I have owned, as well as a link to my other sites!
I have been into Harleys for over 35 years.
My first was a 1965 FLH .
I will fill in here as time permits!
 I have had many FLH Harleys over the years as well as a FLHR, and a Sportster which I think  is way underestimated by the Big Bike lovers. Hell I never have taken anyones word at anything so, I had to buy one for my self. Now for a guy that has ridden over 200,000 miles on large V-Twins as well as a few Honda's, I sure enjoyed the 2000 Sport model. But it didn't take long to want to bring rain gear, sweatshirt, well you know what I mean!!! So I managed to trade back up to my present ride.. a 1995 FLHT. I think I love this bike more than any I have owned.





I will be updating this site as time permits!!! Right now I am still riding!!! This web site is more of a winter sport!

This was my 2000 XL1200S
A whole new experiance!!!

This is my present ride!!!

I hope to update this page often with new photos.Check back often!

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What's New?

This site is under construction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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